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The digital library of the Royal Botanic Garden (CSIC) was set up because of two factors: an extraordinary wealth of documents and active research. The Royal Botanic Garden, on account of its rich and lengthy history, has a magnificent collection of antequarian botanical books. Apart from the intrinsic value of this historic and scientific heritage, the collection is constantly consulted by researchers investigating the organization and distribution of organisms, or the relationship between scientific names and the organisms they are applied to.

Globalization of communications now provides the means to make the collection available for anyone who is interested in it. With this objective in mind, work began on digitalizing the antequarian books in 2003. The final product you can see was not completed, however, without some considerable effort on behalf of the person responsible, Félix Muñoz Garmendia, and the assistance of web design and development by the company Viaintermedia Interactive. It was finished in 2005, precisely the year the Royal Botanic Garden celebrated its 250th anniversary.

We feel very proud to be able to offer this library to internet users, and have great hopes for its future which will be as open as the demands of users, and technology and resources permit.

Gonzalo Nieto Feliner
Director del Real Jardín Botánico


Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales