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A description of the genus Cinchona

A description of the genus Cinchona

Title compA description of the genus Cinchona, comprehending the various species of vegetables from which the Peruvian and other barks of a similar quality are taken. Illustrated by figures of all the species hitherto discovered. To which is prefixed Professor Vahl's dissertation on this genus, read before the Society of natural history at Copenhagen. Also a description, accompanied by figures, of a new genus named Hyaenanche: or, Hyaena poison.
Bib abrevDescr. Cinchona
AuthorLambert, Aylmer Bourke
PublicationLondon : Printed for B. and J. White, at Horace's Head, Fleet-Street
Page volume[i]-ix p. [x, aclaración], [1] h. ["Professor Vahl's dissertation...], [1]-54 p., 13 h. de grab. calc. pleg. intercal. [Pl. 1-9, 11-13, 10], [1] h. ["Order of the plates"] ; 29,3 cm
Comment bibEn las h. de lám. pleg.: "Fred. Bauer del." ; "J. Barlow sculp."
Contiene: "Professor Vahl's dissertation on the genus Cinchona", por Martin Vahl
Otros responsables: Vahl, Martin (aut.)
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