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Travels into North America. 2nd ed.

Title compTravels into North America; containing its natural history, and a circunmstancial Account of its Plantations and Agriculture in general, with the civil, ecclesiastical and commercial state of the country, the manners of the inhabitants, and several curious and important remarks on various subjects / by Peter Kalm, Professor of Oeconomy in the University of Aobo in Swedish Finlands and Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences. Translated intro english by John Reinhold Forster, F. A. S. Enriched with a Map, several Cuts for the Illustration of Natural History, and some additional Notes. The second edition. In two volumes
Bib abrevResa N. Amer.
AuthorKalm, Pehr
PublicationLondon : printed fot T. Lowndes -- Nº 77, in Fleet-street
Page volume2 v. ; 21 cm.
Comment bibOtros responsables: Forster, Johann Reinhold (tr.)
Título original: En resa til Nona America
Scientific expeditions