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The vegetable system [...] Vol. V

The vegetable system [...] Vol. V

Título completoThe vegetable system. Or, The internal structure and The life of plants ; Their Parts, and Nourishment Explained; their classes, orders, genera, and Species, Ascertained, and Described; In a method altogether new : comprehending An artificial index, and a natural system. With Figures of all the plants Designed and Engraved by the author. The Whole from nature only. / By John Hill, M.D. ; Vol. V. Containing the Entire Class of Associates of Cluster-headed plants : With Observations on a natural Method, so far as it regards the Connection of the Classes; on the Production and Propagation of Mulish of Intermediate plants; and on certain plants which are common to England and America
Título abreviadoVeg. Syst.
AutorHill, John
Datos de PublicaciónLondon : Printed at the expence of the author, and Sold by R. Baldwin, in Pater-Noster-Row
Descripción física[1]-68 p., 53 h. de grab. calc. intercal. [Pl. 1-53], [1] h. ["Index..."] ; 49,5 cm
Referencia TL-22.772
SignaturaOf Hil